Should Tamoxifen be used past 10 years?

Posted by nldawn @nldawn, Apr 23, 2021

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. I had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation and then began Tamoxifen. I remember my oncologist saying after a couple years on it, when I asked how long, he said maybe forever. Then as time went on that changed to 10 years. So 10 years came and I was taken off. Within two years I was diagnosed with bone mets. I can’t help wondering if Tamoxifen was keeping the cancer under control. I realize over time it can be hard on the liver. But I was checked regularly for that. Thoughts or experiences?

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@nldawn, it is common for newly diagnosed postmenopausal women to take tamoxifen for 10 years or a combination of an aromatase inhibitor proceeded or followed by tamoxifen for a total of 10 years.

I'm so sorry to hear that the cancer has returned two years after completing the 10 year course of tamoxifen. I think @18dee @djwc and @kangaroo have experienced similar.

Dawn, how was the mets discovered? What treatment are you now on?


It started at annual visit with a higher than baseline blood tumor marker test. Repeated and validated a month later. CT scan and bone scan revealed questionable activity. PET and biopsy confirmed. Still no pain so without tumor marker test I still wouldn’t know. I am on Ibrance and Letrozole and every 12 weeks a Zometa infusion. Thanks, Colleen for your response and concern.

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