Should I Take a Break from Treatment?

Posted by frances007 @frances007, May 5 1:31pm

I have not posted anything here for quite some time because there have been no real changes in my condition, which includes, but is not limited to dilation of my liver and pancreatic ducts. I still suffer from weight loss, have no appetite, but overall feel fairly well. I am active, lift weights each day so as not to lose muscle mass and also take long walks. My artwork has taken off and I am having a show next month in an attempt to sell the cards I make. I anticipate that I will be successful with this endeavor. I need the money to help pay off some of the medical bills and of course, art supplies.

I am supposed to schedule a fibroscan that was ordered over a month ago by the hepatologist which took me three years to secure an appointment with. I have a second appointment with her in June. I am currently giving serious thought to putting treatment for my "condition" on hold for a few months because I am no better off today than I was three years ago when I was first diagnosed with this condition. The only thing that has changed is that I am drowning in medical debt because of the copays associated with the diagnostic testing. I am not giving up, I am just tired of incurring this medical debt while the doctors try to determine the cause of the duct dilations.

I feel okay, have been assured that I do not have liver or pancreatic cancer, and the hepatologist told me that she did not think a biopsy was in order even though she wants to do an endoscopy this summer in San Francisco. I have another condition with respect to some lab work that is indicative of multiple myeloma, and I think I am growing weary of all of these appointments, diagnoses and things of that nature. My clinicians have no answers to my questions, which are really few these days.

I would appreciate any input from those who may suffer from similar conditions, and if anyone thinks that taking a break is a good idea presently. I do not feel like my condition is worsening, although the pain in my right upper abdomen has increased. Thank you.

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I had health problems for 9mos due to me taking a break cuz I was so tired of tests. In fact the dr, the tests, didn't find the problem, I figured it out and dr confirmed with the correct test. From get go I was sent to wrong specialist. For me, to do it over, I wouldn't of took a break and I would of been feeling better 6mos ago. Lol.

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