Sharing HLAA Wisconsin Newsletters

Posted by Julie, Volunteer Mentor @julieo4, Sep 28, 2020

The special FALL 2020 issue of the HLAAWI newsletter can be found at this link. It includes a lot of interesting information, and links to open meetings and more.</p><p>In This Issue….
Page 2 President’s Message
Page 3 Board Election Notice & Ballot
Page 4 Information about Board Candidates
Page 5 Board & Committee Members
Page 6 I Love Hearing Loops! Why I do!!
Page 7 Hospital Kits & A Fascinating Fact!
Page 8 HLAA Chapters in Wisconsin
Page 9 Exciting Research & Legislative Hopes
Page 10 HLAA; What, Why, and How it Matters

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Hearing Loss Support Group. This monthly chapter newsletter has good information inside. You may subscribe to it, if interested, at The chapter is based in Appleton Wisconsin and serves Green Bay, Oshkosh, etc. Meetings are currently being held online.

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