SFN physician at Mayo Rochester

Posted by kmst1994 @kmst1994, May 9, 2022

Does anyone know of a neurologist at Mayo Rochester who has a special interest in SFN? I have been reviewing profiles and have not seen that as a special interest. Hope this is okay question to ask. Thanks!

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@kmst1994, The neurologist I had at Rochester Mayo Clinic was Dr. Nathan P. Young (https://www.mayoclinic.org/biographies/young-nathan-p-d-o/bio-20055108). He diagnosed my small fiber peripheral neuropathy. I'm not sure about special interest but I think any neurologist that lists peripheral neuropathy as an interest would be a good choice. Here's a list of the neurologists in Rochester:


@kmst1994, as @johnbishop pointed out, you can read the docs' profiles - it'll list what their areas of focus are. I met with Dr. Sandroni a few times. She was ok. Bedside manner was a little on the cool-ish side but still very professional. Keep in mind that SFN and autonomic neuropathy have limited treatment - many of which seem to be outdated - so the docs can only do so much. We for sure need more research.

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