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Severe stomach pain

Posted by @tyjacob, Sep 18, 2011

I have had several years of pain in my stomach and not sure what to do. i have had ibs, acid reflux, gastritis, internal hemorrhoids. A few months ago I had a slighly irregular Z line, mildly erythematous found in the antrum and nodules were found in the ascendingn colon.
I have taken xypaxin for pain but it no longer helps. I throw up daily and have diarrhea, I have headaches. My stomach cramps so badly that I can go anywhere because of the pain. What should I do?



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Posted by @jamawa, Sep 30, 2011

My daughter had a number of stomach/digestive issues and found that if she avoid certain foods she feels much better and has fewer issues. She was labled with IBS, reflux, pelvic floor dysfunction. Now she does not eat dairy, corn or wheat. She can have Spelt, a form of wheat but not wheat as we know it. It’s the proteins in these foods that cause problems for her. She cut out a lot of foods by eliminating these as ingredients, but eats better and feels better that in a couple of years. A nutritionist helped her to figure out her sensitivities to these particular foods. She no longer takes any meds.

Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Nov 2, 2011

Try a gluten-free diet for about a month, but you should feel better immediately if that is your problem. You may want to get allergy testing too.


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Posted by @karent, Jan 2, 2012

Artificial sweeteners gave me stomach pain. Once I eliminated the foods and drinks that had them I was fine.


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Posted by @berry, Sep 14, 2012

I had severe reflux for 50 years, elimination of bleached flour ten years ago and not one case of reflux since. Also caused burning in stomach and restrictions in the esophagus. Diverticulitis caused pain in left side and lower abdomen. Eventually eliminated gluten for Hugh benefits.

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