Severe Pain after 2nd TKR

Posted by ssbionicknee @ssbionicknee, Sep 8, 2019

I had a right TKR in May of 2018 and it was painful, but tolerable. Physical Therapy seemed to go fairly smoothly. In August of 2019, I had my left TKR and am having a horrible time controlling the pain and Physical therapy is not going near as smoothly. I went to PT last Friday and was in extreme pain afterward. I was up all night. I had sharp pains inside the wound, extreme sensitivity to touch on the inside of my knee, what felt like spasms in the back of the knee and the knee was very sensitive to anything touching it. I had to keep it still and iced all day Saturday in order to get the pain under control. I know I need to do my exercises, but am afraid of triggering the pain again. I have heard that no 2 knee replacements are the same, but this one seems to be really bad. Is this normal? I have to find a happy medium when doing physical therapy. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Hi @damewocane – I haven't had an EMG but I'm going to share some information that @johnbishop posted. He may be able to add some information – and maybe others who have experienced this.
I hope it goes well for you. Will you keep me posted?

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Yes- thank You all for your input-This Is my head therapy!


This is the wildest thing ever. No idea what is next… all I've known for the past two years 2 years is PAIN- I was mugged and beaten unconcoious with broken and cracked lower spine vertebrae when in my late 20s- -I was young and strong and healed quickly. Never had any further problems… Now 25 some years …Maybe an answer and a horrible repercussion.

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@damewocane oh my goodness, how horrifying. It must have left you very paranoid when you were out alone, and given you nightmares too I would think. It’s amazing how things that happened years prior can come back and give us problems as we age. I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this.

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