Severe heel and calf tendon pain post TKR

Posted by tkr1 @tkr1, May 13 3:32pm

I am now 11 months post TKR. I had generalized foot pain/achiness and inner calf pain begin soon after TKR. Ultrasound showed no blood clots. Ortho not concerned. Although my knee has clicking, clunking and crunching with every leg movement, I have minimal knee pain and excellent ROM. Foot achiness and inner calf tenderness remained. About 4 months post op severe heel pain started with walking. Calf muscle has atrophied. Have seen 2 podiatrists who diagnosed plantar fasciitis with minimal history and exam. Have had 2 cortisone injections in my foot, custom orthotics were made, and tried NSAIDS. Nothing has worked. No improvement for the past 6 months. I am now seeing PT. He took extensive history and exam and thinks I have tibial nerve compression/damage from the surgery and swelling not plantar fasciitis. Has anyone out there had the same issues after TKR and if so, any successful treatment?

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Sounds awful! But there is someone out there who can help. You might try myofascial release therapy. Get someone trained in the John Barnes technique. Also try using RockTape. Your PT would know/advise on this. I am 21 months out and have random calf tightness so I stretch it every day and/or do myofascial release with small ball. Tkr Surgery caused numbness down inside of calf which is permanent ☹️. My biggest issue is lateral knee pain which I am trying to find the answer for. This blog has been very helpful as we are in the 20% of TKR patients that do not have great results. Keep pushing for answers to your issues!

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