Calf pain after TKR

Posted by afladland @afladland, Jan 23 5:12pm

I am 5 weeks post op from TKR on my right knee. From the very 1st week, most of my pain is in my calf. It seems to be getting worse with every week. It is especially painful when I am sitting or driving. The only thing that gives me immediate relief is when I get in a hot bath. At my 4 week check up, I have virtually no swelling and my ROM is where its suppose to be. It is such a deep ache in my calf with numbness in my foot. Ultrasound showed no blood clot. I've been from my surgeon to a vascular specialist and now referred to a neurologist. Has anyone had this issue?

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Continual knee, calf, and foot pain for almost 2 years post TKR. Nerve conduction study shows issue with my deep Peroneal Nerve so having a special MRI to focus on nerve. Physiatrist said if something is pressing on it there may be something that can be done. But, it may be something only treatable with meds. Just not sure what to think or feel at this point.

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I suspect that I have that problem. One yr tkr. Hope they find a good solution and please post the results. Best wishes!


Wow, in and out of bath at 5 weeks, impressive.

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