Severe Constipation

Posted by klk464 @klk464, Feb 28, 2018

I have had severe constipation for a long time. I drink lots of water and have had almost every test possible done and tried many prescription medications. These medications work for a little bit then stop. I currently take 3 docusate in morning and at night I will take 2 senna/docusate. I still dont have a daily BM. So i get bloated crampy and back pain from this.

I was told I could go to the Mayo Clinic as they may have ideas for me because they are out of options for me here.

Anyone else suffer from this?

Hello @klk464,

Welcome to Connect. Here's more information about the treatment of constipation, from Mayo Clinic:

I'd like to introduce you to a few members who've shared their experiences with severe constipation. Please meet @sousou @dolan @subhi @clemlaa @delicht; I'm certain they will have more insights for you.

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if you would like to make an appointment at Mayo Clinic, please call one of our appointment offices. You can also request an appointment online. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here:

@klk464, have you made any diet changes, or added foods that might help relieve your symptoms?

@klk464, I have the same issue because of the pain medications I take and diabetes tends to dry you out pretty badly. I have four medications that I rotate whenever it seems something is not working; amitiza, linzess, movantik, and rellistor. Currently I take Rellistor and four docusates and add linzess on days that I take more medication than avg. If you have tried any of these and they worked short term, you may want to consider some type of rotation. Because of pancreatitis, I also have gastroparesis, so this is always gonna be an issue for me and I can gain or lose ten pounds in a couple of days routinely. I hope you can land on something that will work and alleviate the pain. Anyone else have this problem and found different ways of relief?

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@klk464, I don't have severe; but I do have occasional bothersome constipation. About a month ago, I decided to start taking fish oil again after about 6 months. ( I didn't want to waste the extra bottle that I had purchased in a 2 for 1 sale). And, my system has returned to an amazing level of regularity. I just thought I'd pass this along to you.

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