Treating Epilepsy with Rb1 & Rb3, or Vitamin C and Vitamin E?

Posted by neuralnet @neuralnet, Mar 26, 2017

First “HI”. I had epilepsy since age 2. Never been controlled. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and have several Qs.

1) Rb1 and Rb3 are steroids from Korean Red Ginseng. They show ani-epileptic activity … esp RB3
2) When you have a seizure, some or many nerves fire uncontrollably. All that extra activty causes the production of free-radicals
which damage the nerves further, or damage other nerves. Vit C and Vit E scavenge the free-radicals.

Is there a doctor out there who has looked into treating epilepsy with Rb1/Rb3/Vit C/Vit E ? Preferrably a real-doctor, with a Ph D in
Biochemistry/Physiology/Toxicology/Pharmacology ?

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Hi @neuralnet, welcome to Connect.
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Neuralnet, you state in point 2) “when you have a seizure, som or man nerves…” I’m wondering if “som or man” is a typo or auto-correct. Did you mean “somatic nervous system”?


OUCH! My fingers got dyslexic thats supposed to be: ‘some or many’ nerves fire…


Hi @neuralnet.

I am curious if you have been diagnosed with audiogenic seizures since your topic of study is linked to this type?

What types of medications have worked best for you and have you been had any genetic testing done?



OUCH! My fingers got dyslexic thats supposed to be: ‘some or many’ nerves fire…

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I corrected it. 🙂


In almost half of epilepsy cases, no cause can be determined. In the other half, the disorder can be traced to one or more of several factors. These include:

genes: Inherited genetic predisposition may cause epilepsy.

head trauma: An injury to the brain may cause epileptic seizures.
brain conditions. Conditions that damage the brain, such as a tumor, can cause epilepsy.

developmental disorders: Autism and other developmental disorders may cause epilepsy.

infectious diseases: AIDS, meningitis, and viral encephalitis are three types of infectious diseases that may contribute to epilepsy.

prenatal injury: Damage to a baby’s brain may cause seizures later in life.

Hope this helps.


I keep reading about “brain trauma” does a high fever (106F) count as trauma?

In my case I think tthere is something to the free-radicals. When you have a siezure, your nerve(s) spaz out. That extra activity creates
an excess of free radicals … in particular hydroxyl and superoxide. These damage the nerve. If the nerve has not healed then they “finish
off” the nerve. Now you are in a situation where you are constantly killing and regenerating nerves.

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