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I live just outside New York City. Today I am reminded of the tragedy of that day. When I walked outside my home on that day I could smell the fuel and I could hear the sirens of the surrounding counties going to help. So many gave everything. Today there are many memories.

Let us never forget.

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Earlier this year I got to visit the 911 Memorial with beautiful waterfalls. It so touched my heart. We shall not forget.❤️🙏🏼


I am from New York originally and worked in Manhattan after college.
I first visited the Memorial and Ground Zero and also the museum with my family 7 years ago. It was so incredibly moving and I was standing next to a little girl who was with her mother and she was crying for her aunt who died there. Inside the museum, at one of the exhibits, were voices of some of the survivors describing their horrific experience. Their voices were being transcribed on a huge wall as they spoke.

What struck me was the heroism , not only of the responders , but of the ordinary people who desperately tried to help each other make their way out of the building without thinking of their own safety.

FL Mary


Such a tragic day! I will never forget it! It moved me so much that I wrote the following poem about that awful day:

Heaven is Crowded Tonight –

I saw it live on TV!
The first tower burning!
Oh, no! A plane is crashing into the second one!
Smoke, fire and a plume seen from space!
The pentagon has just been attacked!
I had just finished my morning shower.
Wrapped in my towel,
I stared at the TV in disbelief!
While I ate breakfast, I looked out upon my Washington State neighborhood;
Quiet, safe and peaceful.
The trees were so green.
My flowers were so pretty this morning.
I saw a blue jay fly by,
And the little squirrel that is always around came by the door and peeked in.
Yet, 3000 miles away the world as we knew it was collapsing.
I felt guilty having such peace and tranquility while so many suffered.
I got out my great, great Aunt Jane's 130 year old bible
And prayed.
I put my flag out.
Around 4 pm I heard planes overhead!
I panicked! The airspace is closed!
Could it happen here also?
Oh No! My husband is still at work!
The TV news confirmed that it was military planes,
Going to their targets.
Making those who took so many loved ones,
Pay for their heinous acts!
America will prevail in this tragedy!
Except for three groups of cowards,
Heaven is crowded tonight.


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