Send Mayo Clinic nurses a Thank You!

May 12th is National Nursing Day. To celebrate the hard work and care that Mayo Clinic Nurses put in and show appreciation, we want them to hear from you!

Post a short message of appreciation in the comments below for a nurse or nursing team who cared for you. Your messages and quotables will be compiled for a series of social media posts that we will share with Mayo Clinic nurses during the celebratory week.

What thank you message would you like to send?

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All the nurses at Mayo Rochester are nothing but the greatest.
A personal shout out to the considerate nurses in nephrology, especially Ted, for so promptly and so helpfully answering my questions.
Another personal shout out to Shane in rheumatology for his calm reassuring responses to my inquiries and his guidance for my newly needed care.


A huge thank you to all the AWESOME nurses at station 6-3 and 6-4, especially Jesse Foster, Dr. Cleary and Dr. Omar Itani! You are all amazing and I could not have recovered as easily without your help. You were so attentive to my needs and I am so grateful for each of you. My splenectomy and partial pancreas removal were quite painful at the time and I was so sick, but you all did a fabulous job of helping to keep me calm and comforted me on my bad days. I am still healing, however I am feeling much better. THANK YOU ANGELS!!!

Sherry Kirby


The radiation oncology nurses and staff in PHX did an amazing job as I went through my 44 proton radiation treatments from mid-August through mid-October in 2021. You always brightened my day with your wonderful, upbeat attitudes. Thank you. Bob Vanourek, Golden, CO


Happy Nurses Week! Thank you for all you do. Best wishes to you and yours. Take care.


Special Thanks from Patients that recieved special care is very personal. I had great care during my stay from everyone. I have to identify one special Nurse who reminded me of my boss but she was special Nurse Holly Silvia. Thank you so much. Im getting better.

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