Scoliosis and Sleep Number beds

Posted by gailfaith @gailfaith, Jun 6, 2017

Has anyone developed scoliosis after purchasing a Sleep Number bed?……or has anyone’s scoliosis gotten worse after they purchased a Sleep Number bed? I have had a very “mild” case of scoliosis for years and a 3 years ago I purchased such a bed. I was told if I sleep on my side to use a low inflation number…..and I’ve been using it somewhere between 30 to 45. When I first bought the bed, because I’ve had a back since 1963 ( I am now 81). I was using it in high numbers, maybe 70-90. Then when I was talking with a sales person at the store, he recommended the lower number. Now my scoliosis is much worse, and my back tires easily. No one has ever “measured” the degrees,but now my right hip sticks way out to the side. Fortunately I seem to have a high threshold for pain so this issue along with my myotonic dystrophy type 2, I tired readily but essentially have little or no pain. @gailfaith

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I given up with the Sleep Number Bed. It goes tomorrow. I have a Craftmatic bed coming tomorrow. I used to have a C bed, but it was only a twin and when I moved I gave it to my friend and now I use a full size bed. But one thing that I assume is new with Craftmatic, is that each side of the mattress is a different density/firmness. I am not sure which side to start out with. But leaning in my thinking to the firmer side. Any suggestions.? Also the SN bed mattress is bolted to the frame and therefore making the bed was essentially impossible for me to make the bed and I needed help ( I live alone.) When I talked with the person from Craftmatic, he reminded me that a C bed is easier to make because when you raise both ends, you don’t have to bend to put on the sheets and when you lower it, it straightens out and “makes” the bed. gailfaith

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“Any suggestions.“
…wondering if you received suggestions.
I have scoliosis, osteoporosis, and arthritis in my spine.


Since sleeping on a sleep number bed for years, I have recently been diagnosed with levoscoliosis. I can only assume that it is due to the sagging of my sleep number bed. It is not fun living in pain!

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