Scholz video: treatment options

Posted by docwatson @docwatson, Jan 23, 2023

Always good stuff from PCRI; here’s a relatively recent video:

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I have found many of the PCRI videos quite informative and helpful as I've been figuring out my personal path to cure/remission.


I watch all of the PCRI video's also, very helpful and they cover all aspects.


My doctors at UCLA recommended RP for me and advised me that they would recommend radiation as a back up if the cancer returned. I understood from that that if I had radiation first, RP would not be available to me. Therefore, I had a year of ADT plus Erleada with RP after the first 6 months and presently I am in remission and hope to stay that way. Each of our illness is different and our job is to get good expert medical advise and follow it. Good luck to you. This is a struggle that none of us invited nor wanted.

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