Scared of pain in PT

Posted by babette @babette, Aug 22, 2018

I’m starting outpatient PT next week … I’ll be 5 weeks out from a R TKR. Until now I’ve had gentle PT at home and I’m concerned about more aggressive PT being painful. I’m also concerned about it creating more inflammation and, in my case, scar tissue. Reasonable fear? Words of wisdom/encouragement most welcome!

Hello @babette, I see you recently joined Connect and I would like to welcome you. I'm not quite to the point for the TKR but have the bone on bone and advanced degerative arthritis in the knee. I have been doing the pre-surgery PT for about 6 weeks just in case I have the surgery in the near future. It's not likely for me now but I continue to do the PT because if nothing else it helps strengthen the supporting muscles and tendons to keep the joint mobile. I'm sure the outpatient PT will help with your overall recovery even though it may be a little more difficult than the PT at home. I think there is always some reasonable fear, it's part of our nature ☺.

I'm tagging a @JustinMcClanahan who I'm pretty sure has some knowledge that will be helpful for you.

@babette do you have pain and inflammation now from doing the home PT?