Scar tissue after knee replacement

Posted by leithlane @leithlane, Jan 31, 2017

I had knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago . Through PT I have been working on breaking up the scar tissue only for it to regrow by the time I get back to PT two days later. I have been massaging at home, using a hand held massager and roller. It is painful and swollen. I am getting very disheartened. Any suggestions as to what else I can do. Has anyone had laser treatments to break up scar tissue? Were they effective?


@wildebjef, Hoping the rest of your day goes well with the knee replacement. My surgeon told me the best thing for the swelling was icing the leg down and making sure it's elevated above your heart like when laying on a bed or couch and have pillows to prop your feet and leg up a few inches. He basically told me to keep the leg elevated when sitting down. I had not heard of T.E.D. (thromboembolism-deterrent) but I also wear compression socks (20-30 mmhg) and was not able to get them on my right leg for a few weeks after the TKR. I ended up purchasing some zip-up compression socks and they are much easier to put on.

I would give your surgeon or care team a call about the T.E.D. hose. If you were able to get the T.E.D. hose on, I would leave it on if it were me because they help with the edema. I have lymphedema and the compression socks really help the swelling in my calves.

Are you able to call your surgeon or care team, did they leave you a phone number to call for questions?

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Tomorrow will be 2 full weeks since surgery and I am so happy because I can lift my leg up from a sitting position for the first time today!!!! That quad was really in bad shape after being cut

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