Sarcoidosis and neuropathy

Posted by mznecie @mznecie, Jun 17 2:14pm

Does anyone here have sarcoidosis and neuropathl
y my neuropathy pain is lunbearable it's almost to the point where I'm ready to cut off my feet

Hello @mznecie, Welcome to Connect, an online community where patients and caregivers share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others. Sorry to hear you have not been able to find any relief from your pain. @briansr @chesneydell1965 @lillian32 and @cb2287 have discussed sarcoidosis and neuropathy in other discussions and may be able to share their experiences with you. Here is some information I found that discusses small fiber neuropathy and sarcoidosis.

"Apr 12, 2016 — Small fiber neuropathy (SFN) occurs in roughly 40% of patients with sarcoidosis. Affected patients present with painful neuropathic symptoms and …" — Small fiber neuropathy common, vexing in sarcoidosis:

Are you able to share any treatments that you have tried or that were suggested by your doctor to help with the pain?

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