Memorial Day: Sad Thoughts

Posted by Funcountess @funcountess, May 25, 2020

Being a person who watches the news it is very sad that alL our national cemeteries Were void of American Flags this Memorial Day. The Boy Scouts traditionally will put small flags at each grave.
To see nothing but head stone markers in dried out grass tugged at my heart strings.
I did not catch which cemetery was on the news but that should not make a difference, as each marker represented a person giving their life for freedom.
My own husband was a proud Marine.
SEMPER FI (marine talk)

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@funcountess My father was in WW1, he was older than most fathers of my peers because he was 50 when I was born. He was in France and this is a picture of General Pershing inspecting the troops. My father just happened to be in the front line.

We never did go to the cemetery this year. I feel bad about that but my husband is not comfortable going anywhere to get plants.

The school where I went to grade school was right next to a big cemetery. We always went to the soldiers' graves for Memorial Day and brought flowers from home to put on the graves, and sung a song about Memorial Day. I loved that when I was a child and feel bad that the school has been turned into condos so that no longer happens.


My Dad was in WW1also down on the Mexican border he was in calvary . But then I really never new him I was 6 when he died from a heart attack .But when back there I always went to his grave and in his honor gave money to have a flag fly over our twp. building

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