Sacroiliac joint pain -injections, RF abalation, PT or what 1st

Posted by cap7 @cap7, Sep 14 11:15am

I am a 67-year-old woman and generally good health and weight. I had an mri for my right hip where originally it was indicated I might need a hip replacement. After further consultations with two doctors they both agreed the issue for now is most likely coming from my sacroiliac joint. The pain is starting in my buttocks and radiates around to the hip the groin down my thigh and when it goes out of place a sharp pain into the knee. I have a date set in a week for a shot in the joint but when I had this done a few years back it did not help. Do you know if more than one shot is generally required? The other doctor mentioned getting radio frequency ablation but their office does not do it. I would have to go back to a different pain management center. Can a sacroiliac joint make you feel like it is going out of place and cause sharp pain? I was also given a script from both doctors for PT but I am in so much pain think I need to get the shot first. Your thoughts please.

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@cap7 I wanted to share with you some information about lumbar plexus compression syndrome. This can be a pelvic disorder and can mimic a spine problem and causing pain by compressing nerve bundles. There are also a lot of other excellent articles on physical issues at this website.

– How to identify and treat lumbar plexus compression syndrome (LPCS)
This is written for medical professionals and physical therapists. Perhaps this could be a source for discussion with your providers or a physical therapist.

Another discussion you may be interested in would be in the Neuropathy group:

– Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) for treating compression and pain
I have done a lot of MFR, and it releases tight tissue and allows the body to move more normally again. It helps with body and pelvis alignment. You may want to search out a physical therapist who is also trained in these methods. There is a provider search at :

If you can correct alignment, that may prevent pain by loosening tight tissues around the nerves. Pain management has a place too, but it masks pain instead of correcting a source of pain. My SI joints had been a bit unstable, and my pelvis can shift out of alignment, but with physical therapy, it all gets back in place where it needs to be, and I know how to correct my pelvis when it starts to go out with some simple things my therapist taught me to do. The key is finding a therapist who is certified in the John Barnes methods for MFR; the therapist who developed them. My PT is an expert level and is always going back for refresher training to keep the certification active.

Have you heard of Myofascial Release before?


This is very helpful and I looked into it earlier to find the therapist near me. How often did you need to go to get relief?Do you also have LPCS with your sacroiliac issues?

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