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RSD and Brachial plexus injury

Posted by @stillhappy in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 21, 2011

Just want to talk with someone that has RSD and Brachial plexus injury

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Posted by @streanbean65yahoocom, Oct 12, 2011

I have a brachial plexus injury. I had a motorcycle accident on august 12 2011 and suffered some broken bones and this injury. I too am looking for someone who has undergone surgery and what type of results they have on regaining function of their arm and hand.


Posted by @almacias, Jun 19, 2012

I had a motorcycle accident 2/4/2005. Brachial plexus as well as a broken pelvis.I had a number of surgeries. Tendon transfers have most of the use of my hand back and most of it's strength. Another nerve transfer gave me some elbow flex but not much strength.I cannot raise my arm at the shoulder.One of the worst things about this injury is the pain. I had an electronic stimulator installed in my hip and it does help with the pain. I am back to doing most of my hobbies.I use more jigs for woodworking,a harness for fishing and Velcro on my glove and clutch lever to ride my motorcycle.Good luck with your recovery.


Posted by @streanbean65yahoocom, Jun 19, 2012

Thanks for responding to my comment! Now I have a few questions for you. Do you still have that pain after all these years? If u can't move your shoulder, how do u ride a motorcycle? Which nerves did u avulse? If u don't feel comfortable answering them on the web, please feel free to call me @ 706-459-5166. I would like to talk more about it and find out what other kinds of options I have


Posted by @almacias, Jun 19, 2012

Yes I still have the pain. I don't think
I will ever be without pain. I just deal with it. If I go to movies or party I will take pain pills but not to often. I lift my left hand with my right and set it on the handlebar.The Velcro holds my hand on the clutch lever.Ican't move my hand once It's on the bar.I use my right hand for all other controls,turn signals etc. I do have tricep use in my left arm. I believe the avulsion was 5 thru 8. I will call you.


Posted by @streanbean65yahoocom, Jun 20, 2012

Ok look forward to hearing from u


Posted by @vali2555, Mar 22, 2015

Hi Al macias, my younger brother suffered from a motorcycle accident a while back,same condition as yours his 2 surgeries didn t succed and his left arm is completely paralized years after the surgeries, your surgeries were performed at the Mayo clinic?


Posted by @almacias, Mar 22, 2015

No my surgeries were performed at USC hospitals in L.A.

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