Rotator Cuff

Posted by Sam @smsaadkhan, Jul 18, 2017

Hello guys, i need information regarding jane doe. She’s 50, asian. She was experiecing pain and got an MRI done. The MRI report says: Rotator Cuff tendons: Full-Thickness supraspinatus tear measuring 1.7 cm in anteroposterior dimension, involving the anterior leading edge fibers and also likely the anterior most fibers of the infraspinatus. Tendon is retracted to the level of the humeral head vertex. Remaining rotator cuff intact: teres minor and subscapularis are intact.
If someone could help that would be awesome.
Thank you.

I had a similar MRI and saw an orthopedist at Mayo who said these tears happen with aging and not to worry unless the pain does not go away with rest. However, I would strongly suggest that Jane see a doctor and discuss the MRI findings as well as the pain.

One of the orthopedic i went to advised jane to do All-Arthroscopic Repair of the tear. But should i do it ? i need second opinion basically since the tear is 1.7 cm?

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