Right Lower quadrant bubbling and gurgling

Posted by celderki07 @celderki07, Jan 23, 2022

Does anyone else have right lower quadrant gurgling and a bubbling feeling? I get this all the time after I eat. I also have a severe gnawing hunger feeling that wakes me up everyday. Like I haven’t eaten in weeks. No matter what I do. Hpylori negative. Idk what to do or what this could mean. I have tried everything and it had ruined my life completely.

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@celderki07 I am sure that it is bothersome, especially not understanding why you are hearing/feeling the bubbling and gurgling. I found another member, @grandmar, who had previously shared about something similar in this post that I thought may be beneficial to you: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/gastrectomie-and-bile-reflux/?pg=1#comment-231971

What sorts of things have you tried and what has been the outcome thus far?


Have you talked with a medical professional about scar tissue from any abdominal surgeries or injuries in that area?


See if you can find a PT who does MFR therapy . Google it . It’s hard to find one in my area of FL . Some are covered by insurance some aren’t .

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