Issues with ribs and cartilage after radiation: What can I do?

Posted by brookeharris @brookeharris, Jan 9 1:57pm

I finished radiation last August after a lumpectomy. Everything was fine for a couple months. In late December I fractured a rib coughing. A month ago I started having very sharp pains in my ribs. Doctors tell me its cartilage and there is nothing I can do, except time. Its almost like the cartilage is tearing or pulling away from the bone. Has anyone else had something like this?

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Sadly yes. It isn’t really considered a broken bone, but it can take forever to heal. I was 6 months propping pillows strategically just to get a little sleep. This was my experience, I am sure others here have had different experiences. Did they do a scan just to be sure this was a simple broken rib?

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