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Posted by @sunshine3, Apr 16, 2012

Hello all –
I started experiencing about 2 years ago a strange/but not painful numbness/weakness type of sensation that sometimes seems to radiate down my legs, sometimes wrist/hip and even forearm… The Md did my bloodwork and ANA profile came back 1:1028. Was sent to the Rheum and tested for Lupus, ra, etc. all neg. Flash forward to 2011 – 2012; symptoms have become so pronounced and systemic affecting eyes (right caruncle has become swollen), joint weakness, sharp pain in chest and upper/lower back when I breath in (this comes and goes) eyeball pressure, burning sensations along spine, lower abdominal area and upper back and neck. Also, along the base of skull. I am also getting a crunching/snapping sensation at the base of my skull. Red marks started showing up on face until now I look like I have a type of rosacea, this burns and gets worse once a month, I also now have these sore patches on my scalp as well. These symptoms started to really become pronounced in the past year after having a baby in late 2010. I have been tested for anything that would explain some of these symptoms; RA, lupus, sjogrens, reactive arthritis, anklosysing spondolitis, ESR, Hep A & B (my bilirubin was slightly above normal range, but I was also found defecient in Vit D and iron), celiac’s, thyroid, etc. and all came back negative. ANA continues to consistently stay at 1:80 now. Medical Mystery? Concerned of course that it may be MS…. If anyone has any insight please post a response…



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Posted by @joanneo, May 8, 2012

Hello welcome keep with your doctor. As far as Ms that can only be totally conclusive by a brain scan. Please keep me informed. Joanneo


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Posted by @kaydomac, May 25, 2012

Do you have any digestive problems? Bloating? Pain?

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