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Rhematoid arthritis at a young age

Posted by @newfie26 in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Feb 24, 2012

Hi all,
I'm new to this discussion and would just like to share my story and see what other people's experiences have been. I was diagnosed at 22 after a year long progression of pain and stiffness. I was told at 16 the joint problem I had was with ligaments and would not progress or get worse. However 6 years later I could barely sit to my desk, let alone type or do my work as a Masters student hoping to move on to medicine. My doctor diagnosed me and I saw a Rhemy within 3 months and began meds 3 months later, as at first I was very hestitate about any drugs. It's been a dream and life changing experience. I no longer am able to do sports, jog, or do alot of heavy physical things. Anyone else out there with any advice? I've gone through all the emotions from anger to jealousy of other people quote on quote easy life. I'm now in medical school and doing pretty well on my meds (Plaquinil, Diclofenac) however I'm still pretty frustrated with all the associated things I can't do such as ski, job and even do to the gym for over a 1/2 hour. Love to hear all your experiences, especially from young RA sufferers as all I've found in my area are people over 60 suffering, and being young means different challenges. Also wondering about RA suffferers and pregnancy. Any advice (not that I'm having kids soon but interested in hearing).
Hope you all have a low pain Friday!

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Posted by Anonymous-8eeac879, Feb 25, 2012

Hi there,
I'm really sorry to hear that you've been hit with this RA at such a young age. My mom has it but she wasn't diagnosed until later in life. I have one question for you. Before you got the diagnosis...did your blood tests reveal it or was your test negative and they agreed you had it accordong to your symptoms? Just curious.

Thanks and hope you find a community of peop;e you can relate to who can encourage you as I know how hard it is to be so active with school and sports and then ache to do them but not be able to.


Posted by @newfie26, Feb 25, 2012

Yes I showed RF positive once they tested me. Anyone out there my age with RA?

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Posted by @leslie1978, Mar 30, 2012

Hi there my name is leslie and am 33, its been very hard with the chamges i have had to make due to pain and exhaustion. it really sucks because i have always been an energetic person and now i cant do my normal activies long. im on plaqunil and arava becauseone med isnt enough.


Posted by @jleonjordan, Mar 4, 2012

The below link gives hope, I hope it helps.

I am just learning about RA, my sister have just been diagnosed.
All the best to you.


Posted by @connieanderson, Jul 6, 2012

My name is Connie, I have lived with RA for 35 yrs.....Your question on pregnancy... I have four healthy children.....pregnancy put me in a remission....might not work that way for everyone. I highly recommend everyday physical therepy..what I mean by this is range of motion exercises. allot of these you can do first thing in the morning while laying in bed. I found this helped allot with my morning stiffness.


Posted by @newfie26, Jul 6, 2012

Hi Connie. It's nice to hear such positive outcomes as my dream of having kids was semi-crushed when I heard about everything with RA. Did you have alot of trouble once your children were born? Could you explain the exercises you do as I'd love to try them myself. Thank you.

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