Respiratory distress following surgery

Posted by ssbionicknee @ssbionicknee, Oct 14, 2018

Wasn't sure where to post this, but need info. I had outpatient shoulder surgery on Wednesday. I was given Versed and Fentenayl during surgery. I have had trouble waking from Versed in the past and made sure to tell the doctor before surgery. It is also in my charts. At some point I went into respiratory distress. I was unresponsive and my oxygen levels were very low. It took me 6 hours to recover instead of an hour and a half. Since I got home I have been dizzy and have been feeling sick to my stomach. I am not very hungry and have not been eating much. What are the symptoms of over sedation? Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yes! This unfortunately happened to me after a Septoplasty in 2014! I have Epilepsy and had several Seizures prior to my Surgery! My ENT Physician told me I had many Seizures; therefore I required an inordinate amount of Propofol so I could have the surgery safely! I therefore didn't come out of the Anesthesia until 10:30p.m.; which was 10 hours after my procedure! I later remembered that my mother had problems with Anesthesia as well; so I need to be very careful if surgery is recommended or required!

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