Reporting blood glucose numbers from monitor to my doctor

Posted by janiceboden @janiceboden, Sep 4 1:23pm

I’ve had my Dexcom six for two weeks now so I’m still very new with it. I’ve been diabetic though for 30 years. Had my doctors appointment last Friday and I expected her to be able to download my readings from the receiver. Apparently that’s not how this works at least not in her office. She still wants me to write down all of my readings. I’m curious about how you provide your readings from your Dexcom to your doctors. Are they able to download or are you still Keeping a log?

@janiceboden, I have heard from many patients about this frustration. Glucose monitors proclaim ease of use of their reporting systems to help communication with their doctors. But so often the system is not compatible with doctor's computer or their just isn't time in a consult for the doctor to read the reports etc.

@tjgisewhite @dcgirl @oakbourne @jjdonahue42 may have some experiences or tips to share.

Janice, are you able to download your report from the monitor app to a spreadsheet like Excel to print out for your doctor? I hate for you to also have to keep a manual log.

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