Recurrent prostate cancer: It's come back

Posted by globalhouse @globalhouse, Dec 15, 2022

In 2012 I had a positive Biopsy for prostate cancer. Initial Gleason score of 3+3. Chronology is as follows (w/Chart):

*Dec 2012 – Brachytherapy PSA score decreased to 1.0
*Completed 90-day PSA testing for 2 years.
*PSA lowered to 0.5. Physicians pushed my PSA testing to 6 months, then annually after year three (2015).
*In 2017 my PSA increased to 1.0.
*From 2017 through 2021 my PSA increased to 4.2.
*Feb 2020 Bone Scan, results negative.
*July 2020 PET, and Biopsy. Biopsy negative. PET imaging was inconclusive. Later discovered the Seminal Vessels were not biopsied in 2020.
*Oct 2021 additional PET and biopsy. Biopsy revealed cancer in one of the seminal vessels. PET scan was again inconclusive. Based on biopsy results, a salvage prostatectomy was scheduled.
*Dec 2021 PET Scan conducted with PSMA Trial AT CCA Seattle to locate any advancing cancer spread. PET scan was again inconclusive.
*Feb 2022 Salvage Prostatectomy
*Post-surgery pathology reports revealed no cancer in the seminal vessels or prostate. Meaning the Oct 2021 biopsy findings were a false positive.
*Post-surgery PSAs are 6.2, 4.9 & 6.1 respectively.
*Presently under 90 day PSA surveillance with a prognosis of hormonal therapy treatment upon PSA reaching level 10.

Anyone with similar experiences please share. Your information is no doubt invaluable.


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Had prostate removed 8 yrs ago. Yearly psa tests been good. Although last year went from .19 to .20..this year it doubled to .45..have another psa test in 3 months…afraid now it's back. Doc told me to eat healthy no meat lotsa veggies and fruit and check in 3 months…

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Thanks for the helpful posts. They motivated me to stay on my Mediterranean Diet, which has helped to keep my PSA level very low. I’m getting tested every three months and will apply the pre-testing suggestions in order to give more consistency in my test results. Thanks again for the posts!

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