Relentless bile reflux / pain

Posted by stephieisabella @stephieisabella, Mar 10, 2017

Hi all,

In short, I’ve been suffering from the following for the last 2.5 years…

– daily burning in esophagus from reflux pretty much immediately after meals, can last for up to 2 hours
– dull, progressive pain on right side of abdomen just next to belly button and under rib. Can be sharp sometimes and radiate into right shoulder. Longest stint of pain was 4 – 5 days. Worse after eating
– burping and trapped air which causes sharp pain in my back
– Reflux is so bad that food gets stuck on its way down my food pipe and throat hurts a lot in general
– consistently yellow stools – been like that for years now
– Frequent ‘IBS-like’ symptoms – bloating, sharp cramps, intolerance to fatty heavy foods

I’ve had the following tests…

– x2 gastroscopy (gastritis and biopsies showed inflammation)
– x1 colonoscopy – clear
– H pylori breath tests – clear
– Fecal elastase to check pancreas function – clear
– Parasite testing – clear
– x3 ultrasounds – all clear
– HIDA scan – around 78%
– various blood tests (LFT, renal profile, CBC etc etc) – all clear apart from a slightly high white blood count during my worst time of pain
– food intolerance testing (celiac, lactose etc) – all clear
– MRCP – all clear

Here’s what I’ve tried…

– lifestyle changes: I’ve cut out fatty, fizzy, acidic and spicy foods, eating smaller and more frequent meals, elevating pillows at bedtime, not wearing tight clothing, not bending down after meals, not eating too close to bedtime, stopped drinking alcohol, chewing food properly and thoroughly
– omeprazole, esomeprazole, rantidine, gaviscon advanced – no help at all
– cut out gluten and dairy for months – no help
– digestive enzymes, ginger tablets, silicolgel, cold milk, ginger beer
– apercap, colpermin, mebeverine, amitriptyline, prozac, buscopan
– apple cider vinegar, ginger tablets, chamomile tea, milk thistle
– good strength probiotic
– beet juice, potato juice, parsley and all the good stuff for gallbladders

Sooooo totally running out of options here. Seen two specialists, been told I have bile reflux and IBS and that there isn’t much else for me. Can anyone shed some light? I’ve just started charcoal tablets today.

Note… I never get the right dull ache in my abdomen and the reflux at the same time. It is always one or the other. Been told NO to gallbladder removal and that I am too young to have problems with it (I’m 22).


I have a severe bile reflux after vertical gastric sleeve surgery. My BMI was around 35 . THe surgery was a big mistake. Three weeks after surgety i developed problems with swallowing and pain in esophagus. The surgery was ten months ago. Bile reflex is getting worse, my doctor has advised me to revise the surgery to Gastric bypass.
Now life is horrible. Intense heart attack like pains, vomiting, and corrosive liquid burning insides out. Feels you are in a torture program. I would rather be 300 pounds than this. My weight before surgery was 210. Now I can only eat sugar. Cannot even drink a protein shake. Going to start TPN nutrition therapy.
Hope it helps. Anyone know if TPN therapy would at least reduce the pain. Any doctors, please reply.

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@ss0909- I can’t even imagine the pain and discomfort you have. It is a good thing for you to start TPN. TPN provides easily absorbed nutrients – including protein which will help heal you. This healing process hopefully will improve the pain too. Please keep posting to let us know how you are doing!

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