Rehabilitation of Osteoporosis Program-Exercise (ROPE)

Posted by 19kcm56 @19kcm56, Jan 14, 2023

Does anyone know where to access information regarding the ROPE program.
I heard about Dr. Merhsheed Sinaki while watching a Sara Meeks presentation. I found Dr. Sinaki's faculty page: of Osteoporosis Program-Exercise (ROPE)
But I have not been able to find anything more about the ROPE Exercise program.
I was hoping to find a link to the exercises that are recommended.

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I looked further and found this link. It seems like it is a program tailored to an individual patient's needs. Not a general program.
"Before making any exercise recommendations, Dr. Sinaki recommends performing a complete evaluation to assess the patient's physical, functional, psychological and social status, and to gauge the patient's mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living and exercise."

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