Digestive issues and surviving childhood cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma

Posted by yenva @yenva, May 27, 2021

Hi all, was wondering if anyone who survived this rare cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma have digestive issues and bowel issues combined with nerve pain. My husband is 41, we have been together for 20yrs. The last 15mths have been difficult for him. Dr suggested colonoscopy which was clear, unfortunately when removing polyp they damaged his bowel. Which caused so many issues for the recovery. Now we found out abseses and hernia are developing. Trouble with bowels, loss movements and alot of nerve pain from chest down... anyone else having similar symptoms?

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Hi @yenva, welcome. You'll notice that I added your question to the cancer group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/cancer/) too. I did this so you can also connect with others who may have had childhood rhabdomyosarcoma or sarcoma.

Yenva, can you help me understand the timeline. Was your husband having digestive issues and that is why a colonoscopy was ordered? Or did the issues develop only since the colonoscopy? Of both?


Hi, thanks for added me to the other blog. 2020 my husband started with bowel issues, his always had trouble with going to the loo alot. But this is an other chapter for him and I. His symptoms haven't changed since, we have been told by a few nurses that's its all nerve problems now. We are having an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow to see if its something we are missing. As hubby has no feeling from chest down due to cancer treatment many yrs ago.

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