Redundant colon in athlete

Posted by trigojo @trigojo, Mar 5, 2020

Hi there! At my colonoscopy this past Monday I was Told I have A redundant colon. This explains a lot to me as a long course Ironman athlete that deals with diarrhea. I can take up to 3 Imodium during the course of a 13 hour race and still have loose stools while racing.
Can anyone relate or advise me on what I can do or stop doing? It’s hampering my racing and it’s just plain awful.
Thank you so much!

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Running that far and that long is really a great achievement … but the loose stools can spoil the victory circle… My Primary Care Physician prescribed an Over the Counter probiotic … Saccharomyces Boulardii… you can by it at most chain Drug stores I get it at Walgreens 50 pills for $15 or so….. I have Gastropanesis and when I had to take antibiotics … this probiotic really made the elimination more normal.. I took 2 a day to begin.. but now just 1 per day… only rarely do I have to take an Imodium… Good Luck..


@trigojo – I was once told the same but I’m not quite sure what symptoms are seen. I have IBS with constipation- I think constipation is a common symptom. Have you ever experienced this?


I was told this three years ago at a colonoscopy. No further info, then I ended up in ER with diverticulitis from years of constipation from the redundant colon. You do not want diverticulitis!! As my dr. Says do whatever is necessary if 2 days and no BM.

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