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Recurrent breast cancer

Posted by @abbytimes3, Jan 26, 2012

I could REALLY use someone to chat with that has had their cancer grow through or come back right after treatment. I then was left with no option but to have a radical mastectomy and a lattisimus dorsi flap. Then needed another to fix part of the flap. This all happened in a seven and a half months. Time has passed but still feel awful most of the time. I should note I also have other painful autoimmune issues, rhumatoid arthritis being one. Anyway, the cancer was found because I was always tired and drained. After some time passed I had pain running down my side and arm. Then came the breast pain, tenderness and swelling. Nothing could be felt when a breast exam was done. That next week I went for a mammogram.
This is just a quick overview…….My hope is to chat with anyone who has had this flap and find out how they manage. Thank you!

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Posted by @susieq2, Feb 20, 2012

Sorry to hear about your ordeal with this. I had a mastectomy about a month ago and it is devastatin to say the least. Beyond the Shock is a website I have been visiting since I was diagnosed and you can chat with other women going through the same things that you are. There are some really remarkable and supportive women on this site. I hope you try it out. It has really helped me! Good luck to you!

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