Recurrence with Metastasis

Posted by suestroinski @suestroinski, Jan 21 10:34am

Hi, I was dx with pancreatic nets in 2010, had a resection in my pancreas. There were some nodules left. I had octreotide for carcinoid symptoms. I was given the all clear in January 2021. In September 2022 I went in with carcinoid symptoms again, cga and gastrin were checked and crazy high. After a CT, MRI, PET and surgical biopsy, I have been dx with spread to my stomach. There are new and growing nodules in my lungs that did not light up in the PET. I'm waiting for a treatment plan, and getting lanreotide for carcinoid symptoms. I'm feeling pretty anxious right now. Glad to have found this group, not many others understand this disease.

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