Recovery from revision to TSA

Posted by jalnab @jalnab, Mar 7 4:55pm

I am finding recovery from revision of a TSR more difficult mentally than my original TSA. Locating a group for support and info instantly made me feel better.

My story... because of severe osteoarthritis, my right shoulder had an anatomical replacement 3 years ago. Despite extra PT, I never felt that I regained my strength fully though I had great range of motion. Then 4 months ago, I accidentally fell playing with my dog and fractured the humerus bone below the replacement. (I am a 64 yo female.)

Rather than immediate surgery, I was put in a sarmiento (immobilizer) brace. However, after 10+ weeks, the orthopedic team said the bone was not healing and a revision to a reverse shoulder replacement and humeral fracture repair was required.

I'm over a week out from the revision surgery and there are no problems so far (and no PT yet because it was a break). Does anyone have experience with a revision of an anatomical replacement to a reverse, along with repair of an adjacent fracture?

Has anyone been immobilized for a lengthy period prior to the shoulder replacement?

I see the doctor soon and will start PT the moment they advise. But months of sling-wearing, waiting, not driving, and relying on others for help has been challenging.

Does anyone have tips on maintaining positivity for an extended recovery time fo a revision surgery with another TRS on the other side on the horizon?

Can I learn anything from having to revise the original shoulder replacement and living through this second surgery that is relevant to having the other shoulder replacement?

Can I look forward to a better path for strengthening with the reverse TSR than with the original anatomical, all things equal?

Thanks in advance for advice and thoughts!

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