Reconstruction for THR - Any Advice or Experiences to Share?

Posted by LA Hipster @lahipster, Jan 9 11:07am

My trusted orthopedic surgeon humbly admitted he did not feel up to the task of performing my THR for the third time after an infection had him remove my first and second THRs. After a 3 month course of antibiotics (Zerbaxa) the infection has been eradicated, but my surgeon was afraid to remove my temporary spacer due to a fracture that happened somewhere along the way. In removing my last implant he told me quite a bit of bone stuck to it, compromising the bone density of my femur.

He recommended me to a surgeon outside of my HMO specializing in reconstruction and orthopedic oncology. I'll be seeing this specialist for a consultation and for what I hope will be another hip replacement. Has anyone ever had this type of procedure or have experience with specialists in orthopedic oncology and bone reconstruction for hip replacement? I would like to know what questions I should be asking and if I am eligible for a THR, what my results and recovery might look like.

Currently I'm 9 months in with the temporary spacer, and it's been painful and challenging. I can transfer to a commode and in and out of a car, but I need help getting in and out of bed. Fortunately at least some of my home is wheelchair accessible so I can be independent during the day. Many of you have experienced this and you know how one can get discouraged from this situation. I was fortunate enough to be able to take an early retirement and I'm hoping for the best to be able to walk and climb stairs again.

This forum has really been a game changer for me. It's so uplifting to hear of our experiences and tips and tricks for making the most of where we are!

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