Reclast causing dental issues, not ONJ. Also have MSK and tori.

Posted by gwensdilemma7565 @gwensdilemma7565, Nov 10 10:37am

I was diagnosed with Medullary Sponge Kidney in the 1970's, and also have tori in upper and lower portions of my mouth. Because I have osteoporsis, I was given RECLAST in January, 2023. I immediately started having SIDE effects. I want to address the issue of the tori. Two or 3 days after the Reclast my tori starting hurting and are still somewhat painful. Two weeks ago a tooth broke off near the gum line. It isn't causing pain. I had my dental appt. yesterday and the dentist recommended a root canal.
Previously, due to all the side effects I was having, I did a lot of research and learned that MSK is a rare disorder, and further, that because I had MSK, I should not have been given Reclast.
My question basically is: Given the fact I have both MSK and tori, had Reclast infusion when I was 79 years of age, will any of this interfere with the root canal?

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