Reclast after Forteo?

Posted by janflute @janflute, Jul 31, 2023

I have been injecting daily with Forteo for over a year, no problems, and after the end of next year my Doctor wants me to have one Reclast injection. Almost twenty years ago I took Fosomax for five years and had no issues. Why can not you take Fosomax instead of Reclast, which I am afraid of?

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@janflute, why/how do having crowns contraindicate Reclast?

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A tooth that has had a crown placed is more likely to require root canal at some point. Dental crowns are usually used to rebuild teeth that have experienced some type of significant structural damage. And as it happens, these same types of events can also insult or compromise the tooth’s nerve tissue and therefore create a need for root canal treatment too.


I did a combination of Forteo and Tymlos for a total of two years (I will finish my last shot in June). The plan my Endocrinologist has for me right now is to do the yearly infusion of Reclast in early August. I was disappointed when my bone density last week showed no improvement. My hip T score remained at -3.7. My scoliosis is too bad to get a reading on my spine :(. I know I should be grateful my numbers didn’t get worse & I haven’t had any breaks, but I am still disappointed. I am also nervous about Reclast! Any drug that is put in the body for a dosage of a whole year just concerns me.
Positive thoughts?

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