RAYUS Radiology versus Mayo interpretation of MRI

Posted by rogerc525 @rogerc525, Mar 4 7:00pm

This interesting….

Had an MRI performed by RAYUS Radiology whose opinion was two (2) transition zone lesions (PIRADS 3 and 4). I lost confidence in my local urologist so I bought a ticket to Rochester and met with a Mayo urologist who suggested a re-read of the MRI.

Mayo downgraded the PIRADS 3 to a 0 and also downgraded the PIRADS 4 to a 2.

Heres the best part…
RAYUS says the lesions are located in the transition zone while Mayo’s opinion is that they’re in the peripheral zone. True.


I can’t help but to wonder if the local urologist is in cahoots with the local RAYUS MD….pretty drastic differences of opinion here.

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The RAYUS opinion identified the lesion as
“non-circumscribed “ whereas the Mayo opinion identified it as “wedge shaped”.

There’s a part of me that wonders what the legal community thinks about these differences of opinion. What else do these people understand??


Just to follow-on to this comment. I've had two MRI's done locally, and Mayo re-read both. BOTH MRI reads done by the local radiology company were wrong. I even used two different companies after the first mistake. This was a bit jarring.


I would say good news although small sample size. An MRI at my medical facility in OR was interpreted as a PI-RADS-5 lesion. I found that out yesterday after re-reading the MRI which was done several months ago with knowledge from "Surviving Prostate Cancer". Was not a good day.

Another reason to be happy that switched my care to Mayo Az.

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