Radiotherapy after Mastectomy

Posted by terreros2605 @terreros2605, Mar 1 4:21pm

The radio oncologist said I don't need radiotherapy since my edges and Centinela lymph nodes were clear of cancer, but my tumor was big 6.7cm. should I get second opinion?

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If I am not comfortable with the plan my doctor gives me, I always seek a second opinion. I feel like it is a way to make sure I am comfortable knowing my treatment options and being well informed. If the second opinion comes back the same then I feel more confident that I am getting the right decision. If it comes back with a different set of choices then I feel like I have options. Either way I feel like I am better informed.
@terreros2605 with cancer, the decisions for treatment are really important and we have to be able to live with the choices we make. If a second opinion makes you feel confident you have done everything you can to stop this cancer, then go for it.
Do you have an idea where you might look to get a second opinion?

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