Radiology specialist here for opinion maybe?

Posted by blackscarecrow @blackscarecrow, Mar 11 5:08am

M37, 5ft7,169 pounds ...

Hi all, I dont have any diagnosis,yet...but i do have a problem and a question; I have some malabsorption/malnutrition issues for the last year (16months cca, a month or two less or more). Sudden weight loss after blood donation (8kilos in 3 weeks) , dry, pale skin, longitudinal nail ridges, greasy yellow stool, hair falling all over body (legs,eyebrows,pubic hair), bleeding from gums, swollen tongue with white coating,sunken eyes and so on...I even lost facial fat and fullness of my face like that lipoatrophied HIV positive ppl. (I dont have HIV btw). I sweat a i never sweat that much before...No night sweat though...Reduced appetite but i feel hunger. Bloating and excessive gasses. I have elevated uric acid levels and elevated LDL and trigylcerides since the start of symptoms.
Cant get any weight back...I got alot of test in these 16months...My GP first thought of something with bowels isnt right so i got a refferal to GI specialist, which too thought of bowel problems cuz of iron deficiency anemia present at that time and VIT D and folate levels low. So we did Transabdominal sonography, MSCT of abdomen thorax and pelvis, Mri enterography, colonoscopy and gastroscopy...(all clear)
I got tested for celiacs, blood draw tTIga, negative. ANA and RF factors negative. Blood cancers, negative...CA 19-9, CEA AND OTHERS NEGATIVE...CHROMOGRANINE A negative.
Although a last few days i have some funny back pain (but i do sit much cuz of work so cant tell)
So ive been battling for a diagnosis for a long time and nothing. Now im heading back to my GP so she can give me another refferal to GI spec. cuz i think i might have i have a few questions...
1. what bothers me more, if i may have EPI with PANCAN? Do these symptoms sound like it?
2. if there is, its probably on the body or tail cuz i would defintely have jaundice already if its in the head?
and 3. (RADIOLOGY EXPERT QUESTION MAYBE) Symptoms occured somewhere in October 2022. We did MSCT (Siemens Somatom Definition AS) with dye of abdomen in February 2023. and MRI of abdomen but with enterography protocol on Tesla 1.5 WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that an early stage pancreatic cancer is missed on those imaging protocols? Especially when radiologist on Mri of abdomen was searching for enterographic abnormalities and MSCT radiologist didnt know what are we searching. Thanx in advance

+ i had an transabdominal sonography checkup in January this year, came back normal

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