Radiation treatment/Lymphedema and suana treatments for extotoxins?

Posted by lemony @lemony, Mar 8 12:57pm

I was diagnosed with ILC in my right breast IDC in left breast. Had bilteral mastectomy and 7 weeks of radiation for right breast only for one positive node. I developed vey mild lymphedema in my right arm. Took Arimidex for 18 mos but symptoms were intolerable including 15% bone loss in spine and hips. Stopped med.
Seeing both an oncologist and a Naturopath/funtional medicine/MD who tested me for environmental toxins. My levels were high. Recommended infrared saunas for (sauna sleeping bag with wholes to leave arms out.) Radiation doc opposed to but doc recommending sees greater benefit pursuing. Anyone have experience with similar situation? I don't want complications but I also don't want toxin levels to induce recurrence especially since I am no longer taking AI. Oncotype score was 11 so encouraging. I would really like to give this a go but am also a bit frightened I might exacerbate the lymphedema.

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I can certainly sympathize with your desire to do what you can to prevent a recurrence. If I’m understanding properly—the radiologist is concerned heat might exacerbate the lymphedema while functional medicine MD thinks the potential removal of toxins can decrease the chance of recurrence. Do you know if there are any studies on either of these possibilities? This article says sauna might be promising but needs more research
I can see why this decision isn’t clear cut. What are you currently thinking is the best choice? Throughout breast cancer I’ve had to make so many decisions, and although I feel good about them I’m aware that my process can’t be perfect.

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