Radiation therapy side effects after bc

Posted by karendb @karendb, Wed, Feb 6 10:05am

Hi. Could anyone tell me if they experienced neausea while having radiation treatments for bc? I'm into my 3rd week of 5 and have started feeling extremely neausous.

@marannolson, I'm sorry you weren't able to do it! It was a wonderful experience. The healing process is a bit longer. I was nervous about the side effects of the normal Radiation therapy. I'm Asthmatic and Diabetic. When this came to my attention, I was quite relieved. The only discomfort was when the tube was switched for Radiation treatment and when it was removed. Changing the dressing was a bit uncomfortable, also! My Medical Team is AWESOME! They prepared me completely. The compassion and care has been excellent! I Love Mayo Clinic!

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Hi. Another question for you. I'm feeling muscle ache on the side I'm having radiation. Quite sore. Could the treatment cause muscle pain I wonder?


Thank you. When did you develop bolsters and burns? I'm halfway through week 3 and so far so good except for the neausea

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Burns comes about the last week and it’s not to bad and clears up quickly

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