Radiation or continue watching

Posted by ligriv1 @ligriv1, Sep 21 3:29pm

I have had a 4+3 score and a PSA of 15. I have been watching for three years. My urologist suggested radiation and I am scheduled to start in a few days. At my request I was given a new PSA test two months after receiving Leupron. My latest PSA score is 2.553. Should I continue with radiation or keep watching?

What is your dr telling you. The Lupron is working for you so you need to get his opinion. I have been on Lupron for 3 years with active surveillance.


Hi @ligriv1, did you decide to start radiation? What type of radiation and for how many treatments?


I had the same Gleason score as you with a PSA of over 11. Once I took Eligard it dropped to around 2.5. Had the same thought as you re remaining on Eligard and do active surveillance. Dr reminded me that I would continue to have hot flashes while on it so I decided to go with SBRT 5 treatments over 10 days. Although the hot flashes did continue for a while they have been gone for a good 6 months. Lack of sex drive and penis shrinkage is another story. PSA after SBRT was <0.1, six months and the report I just got today, 1 year after radiation, PSA is still <0.1 So all and all I'm pleased. If you go the radiation route make sure they monitor your Testosterone levels. My age is 73

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