What is recommended first few weeks of radical prostatectomy recovery?

Posted by roberdc @roberdc, May 21, 2023

I'm just a week out of my RP recovery. Pain was under control, but I walked a couple of blocks 2x this week and felt sharp pains near one entry site. Any similar experiences? Walking seems to be mild activity for robotic surgery recovery.

Best to all of you.

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I had some similar experiences as I recall. I was told to keep to being active but with very light activities like you are doing. Walking, no running, no lifting of anything more than 10 lbs. Apparently there is a real danger of over doing and ending up with a hernia after surgery. It was a good six to eight weeks before they let me loose.

I would put the small pack on and go shopping, walk to the post office that kind of thing, but, yes, every once in a while I'd get a sharp pain somewhere. My guess is I was also sort of hyper tuned in to everything at that point as well. My guess is I was pulling on newly healed tissue around the entry sites. I recall it getting eye opening when it came to start doing ab work again in about month three.

Good Luck and keep movin'!


My surgeon recommended walking in hospital the day following the RALP to eliminate the gases used to bloat me up and make room for the “tools” inside me.

I did some light walking while still catheterized, lifted nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. Once catheter was removed about 10 days after surgery, I quickly returned to light Pelvic Floor PT slowly building up.


It's been ten years since my surgery and reading these comments brings back memories of me going to a casino in Deleware with my wife and her sisters with my bag attached. We had driven from Annapolis and when we got to the parking lot, my bag was filled and I dared not walk so I simply emptied it between two parked cars. That had to be less than a week after surgery as we were staying with my wife's sister in Annapolis before going back to Hopkins to have the catheter removed.
Keep walking.


Just a week out of surgery I am preeeety sure I was still moving very slowly. And everything hurt. I walked short distances a minimum of two times a day, usually three. I was a pathetic site making my way in baby steps, bag in tow. (I put the bag in a mop bucket. Hah). My advice, although definitely not qualified to share, is take it slow. Don't try to rush your recovery. Good luck to ya!


Keep up the good work guys, and for those reading this who are on the fence, do the surgery or radiation. (Radiation has improved considerably).

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