Question about pain relief cream w/Lidocaine

Posted by cindiwass @cindiwass, Jul 3, 2022

I have some pain relief cream w/Lidocaine but the directions say to only use it 3-4 times daily. Why? In other words, is there a danger to put it on more times than that?

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Lidocaine, and possibly the other ingredients in the cream, are all drugs. It is possible to overuse them. Even topical medications can "cross" the skin/blood vessel barrier and end up in you bloodstream. Long-term use can cause a buildup of lidocaine or other ingredients in your body, leading to health issues. Lidocaine rubs should not be used if you use a pain patch containing lidocaine.
Lidocaine is a numbing agent that has been used for a long time, and is relatively safe when used for short periods and as instructed. It is not meant for long term use unless directed by your doctor. Here is the Mayo Clinic guidance on the use of topical lidocaine:
If you experience any of the side effects listed, or new symptoms or problems, discontinue using the cream and consult your doctor. As always, be sure your doctor knows you are using it. Lidocaine can interact with other drugs, and extreme caution should be exercised if you have heart, kidney or liver problems.

What is your purpose in using lidocaine? What other ingredients are in the cream?


Lidocaine is also an antidysrthmic medication used to control abnormal rhythm but that can have a severe life threatening effect on your cardiac rhythm if you do not have a cardiac rhythm problem, if you have an underlining undiagnosed cardiac conduction issue or if you already have a known conduction issue being treated. Because of its effectiveness it is common for over use by patients who unfortunately do not adhere to package directions. I’m an old ER nurse and have seen plenty of patients with very bad rhythm problems present to the ER in cardiac distress. Please be careful and do not use too long and do not keep around children or teens.


I use a patch for no longer than 8 hours, as directed. Try other means of relief for painful nerves, like cold pack, massage, biofreeze, capzacin cream. I have found that varying methods of pain relief helps.


Ice packs work very well
My Doc gave me LTlido patches what great relief to get thru night without constant waking up to try get comfortable, after reading this I will talk to Doc ask I use at night about 7 to 8 hours
I swear it’s great relief
It stays on
It’s thin
Just wonderful
I will hate if I need quit using them
To my knowledge I do not have any heart issues
But I am over 60. So I want to be careful
I walk 1 mile 3 times a week use Fitbit try keep in steps but I have pace myself . Do things 2 hours back down for 2 up for 2 . Only way I can keep going with pain management helping too
But I hate pain meds make you feel so bad
She I like patch at night no pill so I do not wake up nauseated.
1 lamenectomy 2 failed fusion last one finally took it’s been 20 years now. Praying my fusion holds
Nit sure I could go thru these surgeries again
No medicine took care pain I suffered before or after , back then they split your back ole like a fish long incisions and slit scar tissue
Try everything and more before you go for sugary
I did PT put it off a lot years
But eventually I had to do it
One good shot getting it right I ended up Emory and Vanderbilt finally got it to fuse

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