Question about Irregular z line, Barretts, small HH

Posted by dilane67 @dilane67, Aug 10 6:50pm

Hello– I just had an EGD– My report says I have an irregular z line at the gastroesophageal junction. It does not mention the size of the irregular z line. Also, small sliding hiatal hernia displacing the gastroesophageal junction to 41 cm from the incisors. I'm 5 feet tall and 98 lbs. I had a biopsy done at the GE junction, and it showed Barretts but no dysplasia. Everything else was normal on report. I have been researching and by definition I think an irregular z line is less than 1 cm? Is that correct and should I assume that is the size of mine since the report doesn't mention it? Also, I also read that a biopsy should NOT be taken from an irregular z line because it will always show Barretts esophagus? Any help you have would be appreciated!

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