Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

Posted by var122 @var122, Jan 15, 2018

I do not know anyone who has had a cmc thumb joint replacement….anyone have any insight? I am 5 days post op.


I still have pain 🙁 I think it's due to the carpal bones near the cmc joint having arthritic changes. I had a cortisone shot at the beginning of January '19 with minimal relief. I am back to taking Aleve twice daily to help with pain & keep inflammation at bay. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but will try conservative measures for now….I have at least 19 more years of work. I changed jobs so that I can manage my pain better. Not the sunny report I would have liked to have given 🙁

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@var122 I'm sorry your still in pain .I understand pain my thumbs aren't to the point where I need to consider surgery Seems like just resting them and braces help Of course being retired helps a lot .The only suggestions I can offer is ice ,turmeric it's anti inflammatory This is what I use when I overdo.Hope you feel better

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