PT for Bladder/Pelvic Pain started today. Did it work for you?

Posted by MarleneE @pinksky4u, Jun 19 2:59pm

I am a 63 yr old female. Per my urologist's referral, I had my first visit with PT today. She gave me info on breathing, diet, meditation and exercise. Next visit, she will work on the pelvic muscles vaginally. I am hopeful that PT will help with ongoing bladder/pelvic pain. (for 3 months with 2 UTIs treated with antibiotics . No improvement with burning pain.)
Has any one been through PT for these symptoms? Did it help relieve pain? If so, how many visits before any improvement?

My urologist prescribed vaginal diazepam 10 mg suppository to relax the pelvic muscles. It is not working for me. I will not try it anymore due to the stinging . I think it triggered a yeast infection which has cleared up.

My psychiatrist also prescribed Nortriptyline 50 mg at bedtime for nerve pain in the pelvic area (also for anxiety and depression). I have been taking it for 4 weeks with no relief. I was told it will take several more weeks. Has anyone tried this medication with success?
Since I have had just a few hours sleep each night, Ambien 10mg was prescribed. But still unable to sleep more than 3-4 hrs due to the pain.

I was referred to a gynecologist for possible source of pain. All was clear in this area. She prescribed estradiol cream 2x week for dryness, just in case it would help. This has only been for the past two weeks with no relief .

Please tell me more about your treatment. I am looking for some encouragement.

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@pinksky4u welcome to Mayo Clic Connect. From the groups and discussions you have posted in it sounds like you have a lot on your medical plate. You have several ailments, providers, medications and treatments going on. Is it possible to get your providers collected up under one roof so to speak? You want to make sure they can collaborate for your best interests overall. Maybe they can prioritize a plan with bite sized pieces so as not to overwhelm you?

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