Psoriasis in ears

Posted by carolyn odio @carolynodio, Mar 17, 2019
  • This itchy skin disease has caused flakes of dead skin in my ears. It took a long time to discover the problem, as the ENT thought it was a fungus infection, which it was not. Now I have to go to the ENT to vacuum out my ears, on a regular basis…however I never know exactly when I need to go so. Does anyone else suffer from Psoriasis in this way?

Itchy ears are a problem for anyone who wears molds like I do. While I have not been diagnosed with Psoriasis I have gotten dry itchy inflamed ears and I see my ENT every 4 months for a clean out and checkup. I’ve had ear infections and one fungal infection about a year ago. On my last visit the Dr prescribed Mometasone Furoate for a week, twice a day. That did the trick. He also recommended using mineral drops for dry ears and I have been doing that for over a year. I only use the drops when I feel them getting dry. It acts like a barrier for moisture which will cause the itching. You can use the oil anytime. I bought a large bottle from the drugstore and a small empty bottle with a dropper . It’s like hand lotion for dry hands. You can rub the mineral all over the outside of your ear if needed. Baby oil will do in a pinch. I had a piece of dry skin laying across the ear drum once which interfered with the clarity. I always think the world sounds better after I visit my ENT and I rarely have a problem with dryness or ear infections now.
As always, stay away from Qtips even though it’s so tempting to use them.
Hope everything clears up soon…

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